Fun Facts
Slightly Rainy Day by Kenn Nesbitt
Lost Love by Sylvic Caste
christmas by Sylvic Caste
Freedom by Sylvic Caste
Storm by Sylvic Caste
Blow Your Nose! by Bruce Lansky
Diddle Diddle, Dumpling, My Son Scooter by Gwen Molnar
Fleas as White as Snow by Neal Levin
Georgie Porgie by Mark Benthall
Hey Diddle, Diddle by Stan Lee Werlin
Hickory, Dickory, Dock by Jeffery Goodson
Humpty Dumpty by Gwen Molnar
Humpty Dumpty by Mark Benthall
Jack Sprat by Lois Muehl
Little Miss Muffet by Bruce Lansky
An Ordinary Day
I Was Sitting By My Window
Mirror Mirror
Alphabet Break
Peter Prim the Fire-Eater
Lucky Lou
Mary Had a Little Lamb
My Elephant Thinks I'm Wonderful
Something I Need to Remember
Frank, the Frog Collector
The Dentist Pulled My Tooth Out
My Sister Thinks She's Santa Claus
Terrible Dream
Brandon Branson's Backpack
Sea Monster's Complaint
When Herbert Got a Hot Dog
My Robot's Misbehaving
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Two students of the first Muslim school in Bombay, British India, contributed to Muslims in a major way. The first was a brilliant barrister, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan nation, also known as Quaid e Azam. The second was Abdullah Yusuf Ali whose translation of the Quran is the most used English translation of the Quran in the world.
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